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Odd Mean is capable of overseeing film production. Either employed by a production company or working independently, producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production, such as selecting the script; coordinating writing, directing, editing; and arranging financing.

During the “discovery stage”, the producer finds and selects promising material for development. Then, unless the film is based on an existing script, the producer has to hire a screenwriter and oversee the development of the script.Once a script is completed, the producer will lead a pitch to secure the financial backing (a “green light”) to allow production to begin.

The producer also supervises the pre-production, production, and post-production stages of filmmaking. One of the most important tasks is to hire the director and other key crew members. Whereas the director makes the creative decisions during the production, the producer typically manages the logistics and business operations, though some directors also produce their own films. The producer is tasked with making sure the film is delivered on time and within budget, and has the final say on creative decisions. Finally, the producer will oversee the marketing and distribution.

Mission & Vision

Boma’s mission and vision as a Web Developer and TechPrenuer is to satisfy every client that comes across him and retain that customer by doing everything to please and satisfy each and every client!


Odd Mean is a script writer with over six years experience on the truck, he was trained at the prestigious Movie Academy and has since worked with various notable brands.


Odd has developed into a formidable content creator with the ability to size up a Youtube Channel and come up with shows that would be appealing to its audience. Once again, he has worked with various notable brands


Focus and attitude and 'listening' and the like. It is a pleasure and a distinction to be part of something so well imagined and designed. You guys are special.

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Why Choose Odd Mean?

While high-powered Hollywood producers get the glory on films, the reality of most producing jobs isn’t glamorous—it’s about managing logistics, budgets, and personalities. Odd Mean believes his  primary responsibilities are ensuring that production runs smoothly and that the film is completed on-time and on-budget, which requires a broad set of skills.








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